Hydrogen Water Maker

Portable hydrogen-rich water maker- life energy water is rich in hydrogen, scavenging reactive oxygen species and preventing variety of diseases.

Hydrogen-rich water maker can directly turn any drinkable water into rich hydrogen water in 5 minutes. The portable hydrogen-rich water maker has a capacity of 500ml, easy to use and carry, allow you drink the magical healthy water anytime, anywhere.

With Hydrogen Water Maker, any drinkable water will becomes rich with hydrogen in 5 minutes.
With Hydrogen Water Maker, you can enjoy magical healthy water anytime, anywhere.

The causes of reactive oxygen


According to the research, 2-5% of oxygen inhalation through the body can be generated with a strong destructive power of the Superoxide radicals. Normal cells damaged by reactive oxygen species, thus accelerating aging process.


Features of hydrogen

  • Antioxidants only through the cell membrane, removed within cells to produce reactive oxygen species.
  • Is the smallest element and the only possible through the blood brain barrier, scavenging reactive oxygen species generated in the brain.
  • If intake of hydrogen water, it will be absorbed in the intestine within one minute, the supply of hydrogen to the cells throughout the body parts take about 10 minutes.

Combine the active oxygen and hydrogen to become water, and then discharged from the body.

Portable Hydrogen-rich water maker

Hydrogen is one of the best natural anti-oxidants. It neutralizes the blood in the body and reactive oxygen species (free radicals) in the cells.

SUGAWA Hydrogen-rich Water has a potential of -300 to -500 mV antioxidant ability, ie , 0 is the medium, the greater the negative value, the stronger the antioxidant capacity.

ORP: - 80

ORP: - 50

ORP: -300~500

ORP: +320

ORP: - 80


  • Change the raw water (neutral water), purified water (acidic), bottled water (partly acidic) and other water's PH to mild alkaline
  • Turning the raw water into an active, small molecules, strong anti-oxidant.
  • Able to change a positive potential raw water to negative potential, a conventional raw water redox potential at +400 mV (with chemical oxidation), after the mobile unit activated , it’s reduced to about -300mV, with a strong antioxidant capacity, helps to get rid of the body’s excess free radicals.