Ultrasonic Humidifier uses the ultrasonic high-frequency oscillator to break up water into tiny water particles with the diameter of about 1-5um. The ventilation system blows out this water into the dry air where they evaporate to give the required humidity. The clearly visible smooth and even fog can be seen out of the unit.

Correct Humidity Level:

What exactly is relative humidity: Relative humidity is the percentage of the actual water vapor contains to the saturated water vapor contains under the same definite temperature and space. We normally mark it with %RH, like 45%RH. Atmospheric air always contains water vapor, the percentage of which depends the meteorological conditions. The higher the temperature is, the more the air keeps water vapor. Therefore, we use the concept of 'relative humidity'. When the cold air is heated up to the comfort temperature in winter, the relative percentage of the water vapor falls which means the relative humidity drops. In order to keep a comfortable and healthy environment at home, we need some artificial addition of water or water vapor to room ar- that's air humidification.

Ideal relative humidity levels under different situations.

  • The most comfort RH for human being : 45 - 65 %RH
  • Ideal RH for prophylactic and curative purpose : 40 - 55 %RH
  • Computer and telecom apparatuses : 45 - 60 %RH
  • Furniture and musical instrument : 40 - 60 %RH
  • Library art gallery and museums : 40 - 60 %RH