Nutrition Comparison

Nutrition Comparison Between Embryo Rice & White Rice

Embryo Rice White Rice Function & Effect
Calcium 38 17 Purifies blood, builds bone.
Phosphorus 332 Bit Vital part of brain nerve, improve memory.
Iron 2 almost none Prevents anaemia, builds red blood cells and strengthen bone.
Magnesium 75 Bit Strengthens bone cells.
Vitamin B1 120-500 54 Deficiency causes foot numbness, fatigue, deteriorating brain function.
Vitamin B12 66 33 Deficiency causes mouth and tongue ulcers.
Vitamin B5 1520 750 Improves brain function, deficiency causes skin diseases.
Folic Acid 20 16 Deficiency causes anaemia and reduction of white blood cells.
Vitamin B6 620 37 Found abundantly in germ, yeast, treats acidic condition.
Vitamin K 10000 1000 Deficiency causes blot clotting.
Vitamin L Bit Nil Deficiency causes reduction in milk production.
Vitamin E Bit Nil Deficiency causes infertility, weakness in men.
Taro Acid 4100 1000 Deficiency causes skin diseases, pneumonia, diarrhea, nerve pain.
Biotin 12 8 Deficiency causes hair fall and hampered mobility.
Inositol 12400 114 Regulates bowel movement.
Dietary fiber 1000 300 Helps bowel movement, removes fecal impaction.