Feature & Benefit

Perfect 10 Benefits

Large output of embryo rice of more than 500g/min.

Japanese stylish and modern design.

User friendly.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Brushless motor with long lifespan.

Automatic sensing regulator for over-heating protection.

Steady embryo rice output.

Unique rice blade design for installation and vise-versa.

Far infrared anti-bacterial material used for rice blade and housing.

Solid top cover, rice container and bran container.

13 Benefits of Eating Embryo Rice

  • Helps to remove body toxin and absorption of nutrients.
  • Cultivate good bacteria.
  • Construction of vitamins.
  • Purify blood, boost metabolism and strengthen body health.
  • Release constipation.
  • Reduce internal bowel pressure.
  • Cooked germ rice tastes good.
  • Beneficial to diabetes patients and obese people.
  • Regulates BUN and blood glucose level.
  • Absorb micro nutrients effectively.
  • Regulate and improve gastro-intestine and brain functions.
  • Regulate nerve function and boost immunity.
  • Rich source of Vitamin E improves blood circulation.